You’re reading an article by Jay Robinson, a designer living in California.

Nerd Thanksgiving

I recently went back to The Setup to read Jef­frey Zeldman’s inter­view and ended up read­ing Khoi Vinh’s inter­view as well. If you’re not famil­iar with this web­site, it asks Web nerds what tools they use to get the job done.

What I read there sur­prised me. I real­ized I use the same machines at home and at work as my web design idols. Web design is not a proces­sor inten­sive job–most of what you need is an Inter­net con­nec­tion and a text edi­tor. But for some rea­son I had always envi­sioned Jef­frey Zeld­man sit­ting down to some mon­stros­ity of tech­nol­ogy like Hugh Jack­man in Sword­fish.

But no, they use 24″ iMacs, the same as I use at work and home.

The apol­o­gist or pro­cras­ti­na­tor in all of us would say that ambi­tious project “just needs to wait” until we get a maxed-out Mac­Book Pro or Mac Pro with dual 30″ dis­plays. But all that sep­a­rates us from our idols is good old fash­ioned elbow grease.

This Thanks­giv­ing I’m thank­ful I know that the only thing sep­a­rat­ing me from my dreams is the time and effort I’m will­ing to invest.