Getting Owned

Many leather bound booksI sometimes feel like our technology can own us. The standard line is that you bought an iPhone to simplify your life. But after a while with the syncing, downloading apps, downloading updates, downloading updated apps, downloading email, downloading tweets, downloading news feeds, syncing, resetting, polishing that we do, the device ends up owning us instead of the other way around.

As much as the device has saved us in terms of time it has added in mindless clutter.

That’s why I’ve stopped downloading apps for my phone. There is simply too much stuff, and I find myself constantly fiddling with settings instead of simply using the damn thing.

It’s also why I don’t use a case. The iPhone is a breath-takingingly beautiful device, but bottom line a phone is a tool, not a jewel. The first generation iPhone is incredibly durable, and in my opinion the scuffs and scratches enhance the character of the device.

I want a device that looks timeless in the way of a watch or a wallet. Something with material that ages well, doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, and accumulates character with age.

Instead of working for them, make them work for you.