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  • My Mac OS X Customized Settings

    For use when you buy a new Mac: Forgo the tedium of changing default settings and customize Mac OS X to your nerdish liking.

  • Some Notes On iTunes LP

    It’s clear that I’m pretty excited about iTunes LP. The “deluxe album” format from the iTunes Store is an attempt to revitalize music sales by providing an immersive digital experience complete with detailed art reminiscent of when people used to buy records. Feature-wise, an iTunes LP is a DRM-free album in high-quality 256kbps AAC format,…

  • iTunes 9 and the Future of WebKit

    At a Special Media Event on Wednesday morning, Apple unveiled the latest iPods along with the new iTunes 9. Apple revitalizes their iPods every year, so this was not unexpected. However, what surprised me was what I first attributed to idle commentary: the redesigned iTunes Store and new iTunes LPs render in WebKit.