Category: Plugins

  • WordPress Plugin: WP Lessn

    I created a WordPress plugin that automatically creates Lessn short URLs for published posts. Lessn is a free, self-hosted URL shortener, created by Shaun Inman.

  • Must-Have WordPress Plugin: WP Super Cache

    Yes, you should have WP Super Cache installed and working for your self-hosted WordPress site.

  • Jay’s WordPress Admin Plugin

    I’ve created a WordPress plugin to fix an issue I have with the WordPress Dashboard: the HTML editor is not a monospaced font. I don’t like reading code in 13px Lucida Grande, so I wrote a plugin to add a stylesheet with 12px Monaco.

  • My Favorite WordPress Plugins

    The abundance of “Top Ten” Lists of WordPress Plugins helps reinforce those plugins that are extremely necessary; like the All In One SEO plugin, or the Google XML Sitemaps plugin. However, my most essential plugins are never listed. So, while some of the following may not be as sexy as the Increase Your Traffic By…