Category: HTML and CSS

  • Books for the Budding Web Designer/Developer

    This holiday season, pick up some books to aid the budding web designer/developer in your life. Even if it’s you.

  • Web Inspector Vs. Firebug

    My fundamental problem with Web Inspector is … The CSS view does not resemble a stylesheet, and the HTML view does not resemble source code. Firebug does, and I find this makes development easier. But there’s a bit more to it. …

  • How to Start Using Microformats

    Microformats are good, and Google recently announced they would start supporting two of them: hCard and hReview. Your favorite SEO voodoo daddy will tell you that Google will shine upon your site if they find you’re using extremely semantic markup with the likes of Microformats.

  • My Preferred Image Replacement Technique

    There are many different kinds of image replacement techniques exhaustively detailed around the web. Many seem quite complex, and dated, and it seems that the most popular technique I see is the Farhner method, or text-indent: -9999px. However, there is a small problem with this technique: in Firefox it draws lines stretching across your screen…

  • Coda Emulated in WebKit

    I got tired of the boring look of a standard Apache web directory. So instead of browsing folders the default way, I built a small index.php file in the root, grabbed all folders dynamically, injected them as HTML5 and styled them with CSS3. Since I work with Coda all day, I chose to emulate their…

  • Jay’s WordPress Admin Plugin

    I’ve created a WordPress plugin to fix an issue I have with the WordPress Dashboard: the HTML editor is not a monospaced font. I don’t like reading code in 13px Lucida Grande, so I wrote a plugin to add a stylesheet with 12px Monaco.

  • Some Notes On iTunes LP

    It’s clear that I’m pretty excited about iTunes LP. The “deluxe album” format from the iTunes Store is an attempt to revitalize music sales by providing an immersive digital experience complete with detailed art reminiscent of when people used to buy records. Feature-wise, an iTunes LP is a DRM-free album in high-quality 256kbps AAC format,…